Organized camping has been preferred by more and more people in recent years and this summer it is the number one choice for many people. The camping options have increased and are distinguished by a variety that satisfies all tastes and requirements, as you can stay in a tent, in a caravan or even in a bungalow.
It is considered one of the most economical types of vacation and the truth is that it is much more profitable than booking an accommodation or hotel, especially if you have left it to the last minute.
Here you will find tips for organized camping. In organized campsites you rent a site for a certain period. There are usually facilities such as showers, toilets, kitchens, cafes, and restaurants. Make sure you know the regulations of each organized campsite before your trip (communal quiet hours, what applies to visits or whether you allow fires).
Depending on the campsite you choose, which may not have tents, and if it is your first time trying it, you may need to make some expenses for your equipment, such as: tent, mattress or sleeping bag, portable refrigerator, and extra pegs, which are the basics and various others such as beach chairs or a lantern.
Useful tips for beginners
Take extra tent poles with you!
The basic rule, especially if you are setting up a tent for the first time, is to get more poles because in this case everything can go wrong. From the wind that the island will have, until it will turn on you when you hit it with the stone.
Familiarize yourself with your equipment!
Try setting up your new tent in your yard or garden or on a beach and why not, make your first attempt at setting it up. Check the tubes, ropes and make sure the lanterns and flashlights are working properly. Dare one night at home to sleep in the sleeping bag or the inflatable sleeping mattress that you will take with you, so that you can see problems that you may face in your sleep.


Buy a big tent!
Family, friends, relationship. Whoever you choose to make your escape with, avoid ending up in a cramped camping tent. Comfort and extra space should be priorities when choosing your tent. For camping with the family we recommend getting a tent with a capacity of +2 of the total number of people who will sleep in it.
Prepare a list of the things you will need!
Stay organized and make sure you don’t leave anything behind that you need. Use the list when packing and check each item after it’s in your car or bag.

Share the basics!
Why should everyone get a shower gel or shampoo? Share the things you will use together and of course who will carry them.
Arrive at the place you have decided to camp early!
Besides giving you enough time to prepare, it will help you choose the place where you will set up the tent. Avoid this with the sun of course, as it will make it difficult for you to sleep in the morning. You will also have time to get to know the neighbors and you will be able to see where you step and what you do.
Take extra towels!
The ideal is one towel for the sea and another for the shower. However, an extra towel will never go to waste. Especially if it’s for the face.
Get chairs!
When you come back tired in the afternoon from the unbridled… sunbathing… you will want to sit somewhere, a chair is ideal.

Organize your meals!
Decide how many meals you will have each day, for how many people, and come up with some ideas for what they will be. Then do your shopping a day before departure so that the supplies are fresh. A portable refrigerator will help you keep them fresh. Avoid chips and general products which are sensitive to higher temperatures.
Learn the unwritten rules of the campsite!
As you will find from the first minutes you camp somewhere, there is not enough privacy. Sound travels so far that often in the dead of night you will hear campers whispering and laughing as if they were right next to you. Also respect the space of other campers and do not walk between their tents.
Don’t forget the pharmacy!
It should contain bandages, cotton, iodine, pure alcohol, antiseptic, ointment for stings or burns, pain relievers and fever pills. Even a car pharmacy will be extremely useful.
Large bottles of water
When buying water, always get a large one. Because you don’t know when you will find it again just as easily and the night when everything is closed you will be thirsty again. Better to have plenty of water than none!
Take extra clothes with you!
When deciding to go camping, the clothing that comes to mind first is the swimsuit and a light jacket for the evening. However, we should not neglect 2-3 changes which will be needed in case your clothes get wet from a sudden rainstorm or humidity.
Insect repellents
Get mosquito coil, get something to spray. Mosquitoes are generally relentless, let alone in nature!
Lantern (Flashlight)
Even better than a flashlight for organized camping, the lantern is ideal. You will hang it from the ceiling, and it will light up while you are getting dressed and it will also show you the way to the toilet at night. Don’t forget the batteries.

Check the weather before you start!
Make sure before you start that you are informed about the weather conditions and do not hesitate to postpone something if the weather is not suitable. There is nothing more uncomfortable than sitting in your tent for a whole day or two, with the rain and wind beating down on you, and then having to walk through mud.
Camp close to home
In any case, the first time you go camping, we recommend going to a nearby destination. You may discover from the very first night that camping is not for you. Problems may arise with your equipment and especially the stage. Until you are thoroughly familiar with them, do not stray too far from home on your first escape.
Take the right bags with you!
You will need different types of bags at the campsite with garbage bags being the first. Choose a medium or small size to throw away regularly because outdoor trash can’t be kept for more than a couple of days without rotting in the summer heat.
Your list:
• Pharmacy
• Tent poles
• Hammer
• Tent
• Sleeping pillow
• Sleeping bag
• Substrate Knife multitool (you never know where you’ll need it!)
• Chairs and table (for sitting outside the tent, but also for the sea)
• Flashlight + batteries (To avoid damaging your mobile battery)
• Power bank
• Chargers (for all devices)
• Multisocket (so you won’t block many sockets from other campers)
• Beach umbrella and stand
• Beach mats
• Backpack (to carry all the useful things)
• Portable cooler and ice packs (to always have cold water, beers, etc.)
• Water container, thermos, cooler
• Swimsuit
• Shavers – Shampoo – Shower gels
• Toothpaste – Toothbrush
• Flip flops
• Earplugs
• Beach and bath towels
• Clothes
• Shoes
• Jacket
• Bed sheets
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen
• Brush – comb
• Book (for the trip, the beach – for the moments when you want to relax)