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District of Pella in Greece
District of Pella is one of the districts in Macedonia in Greece (a district in the Centre Macedonia) and it borders with the districts of Kilkis (at the east), Thessaloniki (at the southeast), Imathia (at the south), Kozani (at the southeast), Florina (at the west) and the State of FYROM (at the north).
Bermio, Boras (Kaimaktsalan), Jena, Pinovo and Paiko are mountains that they are almost borders with the district, they indicate its mountainous character, while the expended plain area surround the enormous area of Giannitsa and Aridaia. The element of water dominates in its territory with the lake Begoritida and the rivers Edesaios and Loudias creates incredible landscapes and important ecosystems, while the iatric Hot Springs which are located in Loutraki(Pozar) and Loutrohori, are the most known in the country for their healing qualities.
Loutraki Aridaias is very near to Bath Pozar. Both are in Almopia, 13km northwest of Aridaia, at the base of Kaimaktsalan. The area is constructed on the bank of the hot spring that crosses that area. The thermal Hot springs, with steady temperature on 37C°, they sprang for thousands of years from the mountain, where they create a beautiful scenery of mountain and forest.

Bath therapy in small and inside pools ,in the waterfall or in the big pool.
We will visit the city of Edessa with homonymous waterfalls, while at noon we will be located at the park of St. Nikolaos, panhellenic touristic leisure center, only 3km southwest of Naousa .


Popular destinations
Some of the most popular destinations are.
Edessa- which is the capital of this district, and it is known for all the remarkable waterfalls that are located in the city. The museums and the archaeologic findings are in Giannitsa.
Giannitsa is one of the largest cities by population and it is constructed on a homonym plain area which is 36km at the east from the township of Aridaia.
Aridaia is in the other enormous plain area of the district, 25km norths from the capital and very near to Loutraki and Baths-Loutra Pozar (10km). The village Orma which is covered in green, is constructed on the foothills of Bora and provides access on the popular ski resort (Kaimaktsalan).

Pella is near to the archaeological site, Arnissa on the shores of the lake Begoritida.
The village Pallaios Agios Athanasios which is characterized as a traditional settlement, great taverns with Greek specialties and it is located 17km far away from the ski resort.


Worth to be seen:
Except for the unbelievable sceneries, the district has important archaeological places, such as the ones from Ancient Pella and some historical sites.
Ancient Pella is the capital of Macedonia. The ancient Macedonia of King Philip and Alexander the Great! All the inscriptions you will find in the museum of Pella and in the surrounding archaeological sites are in the ancient Greek language and script. The Greek Macedonians, led by the general Alexander the Great, conquered the entire then known world and spread the Greek spirit and the Greek culture to the ends of the earth.

The archaeological place in Pella, the Park of Waterfalls in Edessa, the Stone clock in Edessa and the traditional district Barosi in Edessa, the Folklore and Ethnological museum, the outdoor Water museum but also the Ancient city. Furthermore, in the city of Edessa, the Muslim sites in Giannitsa, the prehistorical districts in Apsalo, the old Christian temples in Aridaia, the ski resort etc.


Phone Numbers that are needed:
The OSE station of Edessa :(23810)-23510,
KTEL station of Edessa :(23810)-23511,
KTEL station of Aridaia :(23840)-21249,
KTEL station lf Giannitsa:(23820)-22317,
The Radiotaxi in Edessa :(23810)-23392,22904,
The Police Adress in Edessa:(23810)-51700,
The fire station in Edessa :(23810)-22044,
The fire station in Giannitsa:(23820)-27556-7,
The fire station in Aridaia:(23840)-25422