Thasos is an island of Macedonia, it is in the northern Aegean Sea and is a few kilometers from Kavala, being the northernmost Greek island. It is also known as the emerald of the Aegean. 18 nautical miles separates it from Kavala and only 6 miles from Keramoti and Kavala Airport. Thasos is a green island with wonderful beaches and combines the mountain with the sea.
How to go.
Travel by road to Kavala! The connection of the island with mainland Greece is made from Kavala with Prinos and from Keramoti with Limenas. The ferry journey from Kavala takes 75 minutes and from Keramoti 35 minutes.

Where to go swimming.
Chrysi Ammoudia The coast in Chrysi Ammoudia has been awarded a blue flag both for the purity of its waters and for the quality of the services it offers to its visitors. The very popular beach is organized, with easy access and parking.
Paradise Such is the beauty of the dense forest of the area, the blonde shine of the golden sand and the tropical, blue intoxication of the crystal waters, that the beach got the name that suits it: “Paradise”.
Aliki The two bays in Aliki are a natural anchorage for small fishing boats, which provides an incomparable picturesque color to the area, while the dense vegetation and the general morphology of the location offer the perfect setting for unique hikes.
Giolla Giolla is a natural, rocky pool in the Astris region, in the south of Thasos, at 40 km from Limena. The stone walls that surround it reach a height of 8 meters and many swimmers choose to dive from above, directly into the emerald waters of Giolla.
Saliara The blinding white and countless, seductive shades of blue on this organized beach will dominate your memories for a long time. Its unique characteristics make the coast in Saliara particularly popular in recent years.
Where to stay
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What to do.
Water Sports There are many businesses involved in water sports. The instructors are experienced and meet all safety standards. You can try water skiing, paragliding, diving and many other fun sports.
Horse riding You can enjoy a ride with the horses of the equestrian clubs of Thasos. Even small children can ride under the supervision of experienced instructors.
The tour of Thassos The main road of Thassos covers the coasts of the island and connects all the coastal villages. So you can visit all the beaches of the island. The perimeter is approximately 100km. The tour of the island can be done by car or motorbike and from the sea by boat or tourist boat.
Hiking In Thassos, you could not miss the mountain routes. Hiking Routes of Thasos
• Panagia-Limenas: 11 km 3 hours
• Panagia-Potamia: 6 km 2 hours
• Potamia – Ypsario: 10 km 5 hours. peak 1206m
• Thymonia, Archangelos – Theologos: 15km 5 hours
• Astris-Gyola: 2 km
• Kazaviti – Holy Monastery of Agios Panteleimon: 6km 2 hours
• Maries – Lake
• Dipotamos – Kastri
• Limenas – Chrysi Ammoudia from Vathy: 13 km
• Potos – Theologos: 10 km
• Theologos – Kastro: 6km
• Maries – Skala Marian
• Panagia – Golden sand
• Golden sand beach – Skala Potamia

On these routes there is a danger from insects and snakes. Do not attempt to start a fire and do not smoke on the route. Wear comfortable shoes, stock up on water, dry food, sunscreen, hat and goggles.
Cycling Thasos is ideal for cycling. You don’t need to have your own bike as you can rent one. With it you can move around the villages and reach a beach. MTB mountain bike races are organized every year usually at the beginning of May. There are no requirements to join but you have to pay a small amount of money.
Jeep Safari 4×4 Drive on dirt tracks in mountainous Thasos in a four-wheel drive vehicle! Enjoy nature and the wonderful pine forest, drive to the village of Kastro or conquer the top of the island Ypsario.
Fishing You can fish with rod or line on all the coasts of the island. You will meet many amateur fishermen with their rods fishing in the harbor, on the rocks, and on the sandy beaches. Spearfishing is also popular in Thasos. You can fish with your speargun on the rocks at the edge of each beach. However, special attention is recommended for swimmers and the use of a buoy is essential.
Whatever you choose to do, wherever you stay, we wish you a good stay and a good rest!